The Green Ginger Club - Singers, Songs and Stories

The Green Ginger Club provides a virtual venue (via FaceBook) where we meet artists of all genres, Folk, Country and Americana,  play their songs and tell us why they wrote them, talk about the places they've played and the people they've played with and tell stories about their music journey.   

We want to provide a platform for less well known but talented singer/songwriters to be heard.  There is some serious talent out there that you don't normally get to hear!

The Club releases two "programmes" a week.  A conversation with a Guest and a Song for Sunday

In Conversation

We aim to provide a Platform for lesser know singer/songwriters as we feel there is some serious talent out there that people don't always get to hear.  We also aim to cover issues that we believe are important.  These sessions are released each Saturday evening at 20:00 GMT 

Song for Sunday

These are songs from Green Ginger.  We have a back catalogue of recordings, some with video but most are just audio.  We take it in turns to tell a story about the song.  We're also learning to record stuff over the internet (which is a new experience) and not bad at our ages!

The Green Ginger Channel

The Green Ginger Channel (on YouTube) gives us another platform for viewers and listeners  to discover great music.
It allows to do more than we can on the Club Facebook page and provide more content.  It also means that we can include content that didn't make to the final Saturday programme or cover specific topics in more detail.

Short Stories

Long Conversations

Guest Songs

Songs for Sunday

How it all began (again!). 

From this little acorn grew the Green Ginger Club...and the Green Ginger Channel (on YouTube). Great things planned and it continues to evolve and grow.

If there are artists, songs or stuff about the finances of folk music you want to know more about let us know and we will provide our own and the experiences of others