The Green Ginger Club - Singers, Songs and Stories

The Green Ginger Club provides a virtual venue where artists of all genres, old and new, to meet, play their songs, talk about the places they've played and the people they've played with and tell stories about their music journey.  The Green Ginger Club is all about having fun!! 

As well as some serious discussion of their music, guests will usually be asked to recount their worst gigs, the worst clubs they’ve played at and their most amusing experiences.

Let us know if there is anything or anyone you would like to hear from/about

How it all began (again!). 

From this little acorn grew the Green Ginger Club...and the Green Ginger YOUTUBE channel. Great things planned and it continues to evolve and grow.

If there are artists, songs or stuff about the finances of folk music you want to know more about let us know and we will provide our own and the experiences of others

Session One - The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem Remembered 

A conversation with long term friend of Liam Clancy and Tommy Makem - George Hergan

Sessions Two & Three - Breeze and Wilson

Conversations with Graham Breeze where he talks about how he met Toby and how they built their strong following in Eastern Canada.  Then he talks about his song-writing and performs two new songs

Session Four - Diz Disley 

A conversation with Disley's Urban Gorilla - Brillo (David Etheridge) about the man, the music and loads of stories!

The remarkable Diz Disley wasn't just a jazz guitarist and bon viveur but a fabulous entertainer. Also here is a rare recording of the act he performed in folk clubs with his trusty bass player "Brillo"

Session Five - What was your favourite folk venue ?

Website photojpgGreen Ginger recall their best (and worst) gigs over the last 50 years


Session Six - The perils of being a music promoter

Atlanta's Eddie Mathis has been promoting fingerstyle guitar artists for over 13 years. He talks to members of Green Ginger about the pros and cons of the music business and offers valuable advice.