Press Comments

Below are a small selection of press comments about Green Ginger and its members over their careers.

New Musical Express

I give a lot of marks to a group that (without unnecessary fussiness and slickness) does so much to 'find' the audience, to establish the magical contact. Eric Winter

Melody Maker
Green Ginger returned to the Beehive Folk Club recently to devastate everybody with their excellent brand of music.  Fresh from a stormer of a gig at the Troubadour, Green Ginger came all set to show St Albans how its done. 
Apart from the excellent songs and patter of front man Louis Robinson, Green Ginger specialise in arrangements of thirties standards with modified Scruggs type banjo against a stomp background.  To the common ear it sounds like jazz and very nice too.
Louis informed us that 'nostalgia ain't what it used to be'!  Bang on, and well worth seeing too.
Noel Meredith

New Musical Express
Green Ginger were invited back to the club yet again, and its not hard to see why.  They balanced their set between jazz/bluegrass arrangements of old standards and the gentler songs of their front man Louis Robinson.  If you like good music and entertainment Green Ginger won't disappoint you.
Paul Weir

Middlesex Observer
Green Ginger a talented country and western folk quartet delighted the audience in Pinner on Friday with their distinctive style of music. 
It was a highly polished performance, with jokes that were actually funny and singing that was in perfect harmony.
Several much better known performers could take a lesson from Louis Robinson the lead singer and banjo player, in how to win an audience over by not being nauseatingly silly, and introducing numbers slickly, while amusing the audience with jokes at the same time.
Brent Sadler

Diz Disley - Green Ginger?  The best group I've seen since the Andrew sisters.