Other Artists


One of the artists we met in Atlanta (Ron Hipp) performs probably the best version of a Robbie Burns song we have ever heard

Ron is an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist/singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. A native of Atlanta, he’s been performing both solo and in various band combinations since about the age of 16. His rich baritone voice, consummate fingerpicking, and mesmerizing songs make his shows a memorable experience. Ron has graced many a recording project by other artists over the years as a studio musician, and has many CD cover photos to his credit.  Find out more about Ron at "Out of the rainmusic.net"


Geoff is the patriarch of a folk dynasty and one of the leading exponents of the Duet Concertina.  

We've known both Geoff and Joy (his wife) since way back in the early 1970's at through meeting them at Uxbridge and Herga Folk Clubs.

At the age of 69, he has finally released his first "solo" album, although it contains contributions from all his sons, Sean Seth and Sam plus his daughters-in-law, Kathryn Roberts and Cara Dillon.  In addition it has guest appearances from Nic Jones, Jim Causley and Sam Kelly.
He has recently formed a partnership with banjo player Rob Murch.  This is them in the middle of Dartmoor, rehearsing for the first time since early March! 

Over 50 years, you get to perform with a lot of different people!

This is as many as we can recall.https://www.youtube.com/v=OYjsZp-lSh
Fairport Convention
Tim Hart and Maddy Prior
Jasper Carrott
Harvey Andrews
Jonathan Kelly
Chris Flegg
Hunter Muskett
Fiona Stuart
Richard Digence
Fuller Smith
Annie McClure
The Golliard
Anteater Phlegm
Dick Gaughan
Fraser Bruce
Rankin File
The Crofters
The Clutha Folk Group
The Laggan
Bitter Withy
Danny Kyle
False Hagg

Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick
Diz Disley ps://youtu.be/KI5GZ9c1W_A
Johnny Silvo
Jake Thackray tp://www.jakethakray.com
Jeremy Taylor
Bridget St John
Chris Newman
The Dubliners
The McCalmans
Isla St Clair
The Chieftains
Martin Windsor and Redd Sullivan
Alastair McDonald
Kevin Mitchel
Peter Bellamy
English Tapestry
Derroll Adams
The Coterie
The Bards
The Liffey Folk
New Grass
Clive Woolf
The Fo'c'sle
Cliff Aungier
Noel Murphy (with Shaggis and Brillo)