We need to give a word of special thanks to two people who have made a big contribution to the life of Green Ginger

Chris Barker 

Chris has managed our sound since the earliest days, providing gear, mixing, giving us honest feedback and criticism.  He is (and always has been) a vital component of the group. Chris's recording skills made it possible for you to hear what we are like now.Chris Barkerpng

Keith Rodgerson

Keith organised our first tour to Scotland in 1971 and has been a super fan ever since.  He made it to Atlanta and he is the one who shot all the footage of the concert (and much more of the trip!)


We also want to say thank you to those in Atlanta who made us so welcome, but particularly to Mike Aceto(who lent Richard and Chris some beautiful Martin guitars), Capt. George Hergan (for the banjo) and Jim "Duck" Adkins who lent us a vintage Kay Bass.

.....and we also need to say a BIG thank you to our wives and friends who are always there for us (and put up with a lot!)